“We did our Gabriel program in September 2020 and sold the highest number in five years with the event and also had a show rate of businesses higher than last year...both of these accomplishments DURING COVID!!!

Gabriel Media’s Smart Marketing Workshop theme “How to Jump Start Your Business During COVID” was their greatest product yet. It SPOKE to business owners in a way they could understand and it motivated them to buy advertising. The bonus was that it included our digital assets and opened up many doors for us in this arena

John Malone 

Market President, Tuscaloosa AL 

“2020 was our 17th year partnering with Gabriel Media in Augusta GA and, once again, it was record setting. With the help of Gabriel Media, we have forged relationships with literally hundreds of businesses over that span of time and it really paid off when the COVID pandemic struck! Because of those relationships, we only lost a couple of the annual Gabriel advertisers and all that local billing helped us make our monthly budgets! In a year like 2020, that’s a grand slam! Thanks Gabriel Media!”

Kent Dunn  I  Regional Vice President

Beasley Media Group


“We held our Gabriel program this last September and I have to admit we were somewhat apprehensive going into the project. We were unsure how the clients would respond due to COVID and the overall uncertainty in the country. Well, there was no need for concern as we had excellent show rates and had our best program in five years! Not only did this give us a much needed lift in business but it was INSPIRING. The clients were engaged and ready to do business! This was not only a major revenue driver but it also was a MAJOR MOTIVATOR for our staff who saw that there is opportunity even during COVID. These clients were ready to spend on good ideas and opportunities.”

Tim Huelsing  I  VP/Market Manager 

Midwest Communications

Evansville/Terre Haute, Indiana

During 2020 everyone struggled to find a path for success. After postponing, several meeting dates due to the pandemic and 2 major hurricanes we weren’t sure if success was on the horizon. Working with the Gabriel Media team to reschedule events and keep our team focused and motivated proved to be the winning combo! Our first year, during the pandemic, we held in person meetings (safely) garnering over $480,000 in new business. They won the trust of our AE’s and Sales Managers allowing for a positive and successful event.  Our AE’s are excited to host another successful meeting in 2021!

Fran McRae-Posey  I  VP & General Manager

KLFY News 10 / getTV / Ion Television / LAFF

We held our “Back to Business” Gabriel Media program at the end of October 2020, a week before the elections and while Covid-19 numbers were on the rise again. We weren’t sure what to expect given the timing of the event but the number of businesses that attended along with the quality of businesses both exceeded our expectations. We took a little different approach this time and asked for commitments on a dollar amount instead of a preset package. Our goal was to do a CNA and customize a schedule using both TV and digital in order to get the best results possible for the clients. The businesses really gravitated to this concept. As always, Gabriel Media brought so much enthusiasm and professionalism to the presentation we ended up surpassing all of the goals that we had set. With more obstacles to overcome this year versus past years I am happy to say we were extremely pleased with the results. We added 15 new local direct clients and over $350,000 of new money to the books!

Andy Combs  I  General Manager WWAY TV Wilmington NC


Smart Marketing project takes 8 working days. Monday–Friday of SET-UP-WEEK and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of PRESENTATION WEEK.


1. A Gabriel representative will come to your market on Monday afternoon of Set-Up-Week and conduct a meeting to show your sales staff the actual 30 minute Smart Marketing presentation specific to your market. This will be the same presentation that we will make 4 times per day the next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Presentation times are 9AM, 11AM, 2PM and 4PM

2. We send a database of the businesses in your market to the management staff 3-4 weeks before we arrive so you have plenty of time to scrutinize the list and highlight any business you do not want us to contact. Then send the list back to us and we will delete them before we hand it over to the telemarketers.

3. Our team of telemarketers will call thousands of businesses in your market Monday–Friday of Set-Up-Week inviting them to come to one of our Smart Marketing presentations. Management will approve the telemarketing script before the first call is made.

4. Each evening the telemarketing company will email to your management the confirmed appointments they achieved that day. It will be somewhere between 50-80 appointments depending on market size. The next morning we conduct a sales meeting and distribute the confirmed appointments to your sales staff. Their job is to call the business owner and re-confirm the day and time they've committed to attend as soon as possible. Each seller then fills out a simple one page confirmation sheet and brings it to us. The Gabriel rep enters all appts in to a master spread sheet sorted by day/time to hand back to the staff by the end of the week. Find Out More

Here are some of the many partners we have worked with over the past year!