“KCEN and KAGS –TV have been a partner with Gabriel media for 8 wonderful years, I can say without a doubt that it has been a game changer to help maximize our local direct business development.  It has not been unusual for us to generate over 1 million dollars in annual local direct revenue which is spread across multiple platforms including our digital channels.  Gabriel Media’s team are true professionals and take ownership of this important project from start to finish.”

Gayle Kiger, VP/General Manager, KCEN Waco, TX


Here is What Managers Had to Say About Working With Gabriel Media:


After having done many of these programs in the past, Gabriel Media ‘gets it.’ It makes a huge difference when you have total buy-in from the sales staff. You guys got the most out of my sales staff—evaluating their personalities and how to get the most out of them. They can’t wait until next year!
Cindy Gilstrap, VP/General Manager, KLBK/KAMC, Lubbock, TX

Beasley Broadcasting Group:

Year #11 is our best yet, with over $1.1 Million in annual business written. We treasure our partnership with you and your team and look forward to many more successes in the future!
Mark Haddon, Vice President / General Manager, Augusta, GA

Equity Communications:

After four years of being brow beat by ‘a competitor to Gabriel Media,’ our sales staff felt seminar selling was just burnt to a crisp in Atlantic City. However we decided to revisit the concept with Gabriel Media and were we ever amazed. The Business Trends program provided a better presentation, better turn-out, higher-quality contracts, less bad debt, lower fees & set-up expenses – and most important a much better vibe with the sales team. Overall it’s just a much more user-friendly & client-friendly approach than the other guys and I would recommend Gabriel Media to anyone!
Gary Fisher, Owner, Atlantic City

Gannett Television:

All I know is that Gabriel Media has put over $5 million dollars in new business on our stations with a presentation unique in the industry. There is not another approach that is similar. There is not another presentation that is even close. Business owners see television in a different light and we are the heroes in the community.”
Joe Elliott, Retail Sales Manager, Tyler, TX

Midwest Communications:

This has become an annual event for us. $700k in brand new business in this economy is pretty unbelievable. Gabriel Media puts on the most professional presentation in the business. They don’t hard close anybody—just present the benefits of our media honestly and with enthusiasm. We have a mature staff who can’t be fooled by anything. They love Gabriel Media.
Tim Huelsing, General Manager, Evansville, IN


For over 10 years in the market I have utilized several competing sales generating companies and I had my doubts as to whether the team could be motivated. Gabriel Media is the first to truly understand and put first the local station’s needs and goals. The Gabriel Media designed structure of AE’s spending limited time in meetings and training along with having internal telemarketers, leaves the sole focus on generating NEW BUSINESS AND ONLY NEW BUSINESS. Without hesitation, I will be working with Gabriel Media moving forward.
Derek Jeffrey, Vice President/General Manager, KGET TV, Bakersfield


Here is What Account Executives Had to Say About Working With Gabriel Media:

Gannett Television:

I sold over $115,000 in new annual business! What a great way to go in to every month with almost $10k on the books. Thanks Gabriel Media!
Lucretia Langham, Account Executive, KJAC TV, Beaumont

Beasley Media Group:

My clients love the Gabriel program. The presentation is full of educational information that my local clients need to learn about. I recommend the Gabriel Media presentation to my new local direct clients throughout the year so when the time comes around again, they are ready for the presentation and the great package we offer.
Shannon Shaffer, Account Executive, Augusta, GA


A Business Trends project takes 8 working days. Monday–Friday of SET-UP-WEEK and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of PRESENTATION WEEK.


1. A Gabriel representative will come to your market on Monday afternoon of Set-Up-Week and conduct a meeting to show your sales staff the actual 30 minute Business Trends presentation specific to your market. This will be the same presentation that we will make 4 times per day the next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Presentation times are 9AM, 11AM, 2PM and 4PM

2. We send a database of the businesses in your market to the management staff 3-4 weeks before we arrive so you have plenty of time to scrutinize the list and highlight any business you do not want us to contact. Then send the list back to us and we will delete them before we hand it over to the telemarketers.

3. Our team of telemarketers will call thousands of businesses in your market Monday–Friday of Set-Up-Week inviting them to come to one of our Business Trends presentations. Management will approve the telemarketing script before the first call is made.

4. Each evening the telemarketing company will email to your management the confirmed appointments they achieved that day. It will be somewhere between 50-80 each afternoon depending on market size. The next morning we conduct a sales meeting and distribute the confirmed appointments to your sales staff. Their job is to re-confirm the business owner via phone and email as soon as possible the day and time they’ve committed to come. Each seller then fills out a simple one page confirmation sheet and brings it to us. The Gabriel rep enters all appts in to a master spread sheet sorted by day/time to hand back to the staff by the end of the week. Find Out More